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Tanner, Jeff, and Greg take to an Indie Podcaster each week and give them our perspective on achieving their podcast goals.  Does it help? The jury is still deliberating…


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Jeff, Tanner and Greg talk to Pete, creator of the podcast Get Flushed. They evaluate and discuss various things: Why Pete created the podcast and his passion for portable restrooms operations. Although Pete is earning 6 figures from this podcast, he explains his struggles with new/frequent content creation. He wants to be more of an…

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Start a Podcast

Start a Podcast

Learn the basics to start a podcast in 2022. Decide on what success looks like, decide on equipment, and get to work.

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Podcast Garage is a collaboration between three podcast creators and the entire Indie Podcast Creator Community

Tanner Campbell

Host of Podcasting Sucks!

Jeff aka Podcast Father

Host of Indie Podcaster


Founder Indie Drop-In Network

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Greg, Jeff, and Tanner each have their own solo shows. Find them all here. 

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